Who is Paragon Financial?

Paragon Financial was originally incorporated in 1989 as a Deposit Broker to give Canadians the best GIC rates in Canada. During this time, investors typically went to their local bank to purchase their GICs because the belief was that rates were consistent across the various banks and credit unions, and therefore convenience was the most important factor when purchasing a GIC.

Unfortunately this is not true. GIC rates are very different depending on which institution you use, or which region in Canada that institution is in. Some GIC companies offer rates that are more than double what other companies are quoting.. Paragon surveys over 40 banks, credit unions, trust companies and insurance companies across Canada every day to ultimately find the best GIC rates. We offer these rates to our customers for free, along with our excellent service, in order to create an enjoyable investment experience for our customers.

GIC investors also used to be responsible for keeping track of their various GICs, by following up with their bank to discuss renewal instructions. Now investors are too busy to keep track of their investments, and deposit brokers are becoming more and more valuable by offering proactive service to their customers. No more missed interest by forgetting about a maturity date on one of your GICs. Paragon avoids this mistake by calling you BEFORE your GIC matures to discuss renewal instructions, and we offer recommendations for the best term and strategy for your money.

For more information on how we can provide you our best rates and excellent service, please feel free to connect with us on our contact page, or give us a call at 604-685-3264. We look forward to hearing from you!